"Trumpets That Work" 2013 Calendar

TrumpetMultimedia began with a 2013 trumpet calendar, which combined many of the intentions of TrumpetMultimedia into one simple item.

Did you miss it? Do you know someone who would love to have the photos and information it contains?

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Trumpets That Work calendar

The trumpets pictured in the calendar are significant because in many instances they are part of the professional accomplishments of great trumpeters going back one hundred years and more! Time marches on, but the hard working energy of trumpet players and trumpet makers is a constant. The “Trumpets That Work” calendar shows instruments used by renowned players, and also some interesting trumpet designs made with an equal energy of creativity and pride.

These instruments come from around the world, and each page includes additional information about their history and design. Several of these trumpets are property of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and many of them relate directly to the history of the CSO trumpet section. Accordingly, a portion of the revenue from the sale of these calendars will be donated to the CSO. 

This is an excellent gift to give to all of your favorite trumpet players, and of course for anyone who loves looking at trumpets and learning about their history!

John Hagstrom
Second Trumpet
Chicago Symphony Orchestra

14" x 10" (14" x 20" open)

January calendar

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  • January
    Frank Holton Trumpet in C
    Endorsed by Edward Llewellyn, Principal Trumpet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1911-1933)
  • February
    Vincent Bach Trumpet in C
    Played by Adolph "Bud" Herseth, Principal Trumpet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1948-2001)
  • March
    Vincent Bach Contralto Trumpet in F
    Composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908) claimed he invented this type of F alto trumpet
  • April
    Kruspe Bass Trumpet in Eb
    Played in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra by Ernest Andauder (1892-1930)
  • May
    Besson Trumpet in C
    Played by Otto Schubert, Principal Trumpet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1907-1911)
  • June
    Schilke Trumpet in Bb
    Played by Bill Chase from 1965-1974
  • July
    Vincent Bach Trumpet in D
    Played by Sydney Baker, Principal Trumpet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1941-42, 1946-48)
  • August
    Martin Trumpet in Bb
    "Troubadour"model as played by Louis Armstrong in the movie "Rhapsody in Black and Blue" (1932)
  • September
    J.W. York Cornet in Bb
    Advertised as "The Most Amazing Horn Ever Created"
  • October
    Schilke Trumpet in E
    Played by Wynton Marsalis as part of his CD "The London Concert" (1994)
  • November
    Couesnon Flugelhorn in Eb
    Endorsed in 1915 by Jean Baptiste Loyreaux, solo Eb bugler of the French Republican Guard Band
  • December
    H.N. White Trumpets in Bb
    King "Liberty" model and King "Liberty Miniature"
  • January 2014
    F. Besson Trumpet in Bb
    Influential trumpet design used in orchestras and imitated by other trumpet makers


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