Now Available - Trumpets That Work 2015 Calendar!

This 2015 “Trumpets That Work” calendar features stories of trumpet players, trumpet makers and the development of the trumpet over several generations. The trumpets pictured are significant because in most instances they are part of the professional accomplishments of great trumpeters going back a hundred years and more. These instruments come from around the world, and each page includes additional information about their history and design.

Several of these trumpets relate directly to the history of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra trumpet section, and the CSO has given permission for the reprinting of trumpet section photos from their archives. Accordingly, a portion of the revenue from the sale of these calendars will be donated to the CSO. This is an excellent gift to give to all of your favorite trumpet players, and of course for anyone who loves looking at trumpets and learning about their history!

John Hagstrom
Second Trumpet 
Chicago Symphony Orchestra

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Trumpets That Work calendar

14" x 10" (14" x 20" open)

February calendar Alois Zmitko

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  • January
    C. G. Conn Trmpet in Bb
    Conn's best selling professional trumpet model in the 1920's and 1930's
  • February
    Alois Zmítko Trumpet in C
    This top action rotary valve design (Tarv) was built in Czechoslovakia
  • March
    Frank Holton Trumpet in C
    Adolph Herseth performed on this trumpet in the Chicago Symphony Brass Ensemble
  • April
    C.G. Conn Trumpet in Bb
    Played by "The Queen of the Trumpet" Valaida Snow
  • May
    Vincent Bach Trumpet in D
    This trumpet was owned by William Vacchiano and played in the New York Philharmonic
  • June
    Renold Schilke Piccolo Trumpet in Bb/A
    Owned by Adolph Herseth and used to record J.S. Back's Brandenburg Concerto No. 2
  • July
    Couesnon Trumpet in C
    Adolph Herseth played this trumpet to audition for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • August
    Renold Schilke Trumpet in G
    Owned by Adolph Herseth and played in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • September
    J.W. York Cornet in Bb/A
    "Wizard Model" patented by Ernst Couturier in 1913
  • October
    Lyon and Healy Trumpet in Bb/A
    This Couturier "continuous conical bore" moel was produced brom 1924 until 1928
  • November
    C.F. Schmidt Trumpet in Bb/A
    Played by Albert Ulrich in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's original trumpet section
  • December
    Vincent Bach Trumpet in C
    This trumpet was owned by New York Philharmonic principal trumpeter William Vacciano and Gerard Schwartz
  • January 2015
    F. Besson Trumpet in Bb
    Played by Jacob Borodkin, principal trumpet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Orchestra in 1911-1912

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